Artist - Carol Bisset

Carol Bisset is a Visual Artist based in Tauranga. Her practice covers a range of media from installation to drawing, painting, photography and printmaking. The central themes within her work reflect current issues in relation to our sense of isolation, connectedness and belonging within 21st century society.

Her use of ephemeral materials and ‘found objects’ with their associated memories is central to the narratives that are constructed within the work. The objects themselves carry with them their own associations, forging links with the viewer through memory and history. Recent work has involved a process of deconstruction of an everyday personal object (handkerchief), rendering it fragile and stripped of its functionality. Vulnerable and impractical, the object ‘echoes’ her sense of powerlessness and insecurity during the ongoing pandemic.

With a MFA and MA in Arts Education, her work is held in public and private collections within New Zealand. 

Carol Bisset works at Gallery Te Puna include installation, mixed media and acrylic on canvas works.