Artist - Cordula Taiwo

Cordula Taiwo grew up in Germany and studied Philosophy and Japanology at the University of Hamburg. Gaining a scholarship, she studied in Fukui, Japan, learning more about Japanese language and culture. Later, she deepened her understanding of Zen Buddhism and meditation by leading a fairly monastic life at Nagaoka Zenjuku, while completing her Masters in Buddhist Philosophy in 2000 at Hanazono University in Kyoto.  

Resettling in Munich, Germany, she realised she had to find a new mode of living and communicating as she didn’t feel a sense of belonging in either German or Japanese. Visiting her oldest friend, who settled in Rotorua, she got to experience the ‘kiwi way’ and Cordula never looked back.

In 2003, Cordula continued her studies and teaching career with a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning from Christchurch College of Education and as Director of International Students. As a high school teacher she has since taught a number of subjects in Rotorua and Melbourne. Cordula and her husband currently live in Tauranga and she currently teaches English at John Paul College in Rotorua. 

Cordula took up painting as therapy for her anxiety and slowly developed her skills. She enjoys its freedom and explores different media, viewpoints and techniques. She paints what she loves and what she struggles with in an emotional yet simplistic style that echoes her philosophical approach to life. While painting, she loses herself in an ocean of colours and feelings until she finds a more peaceful shore and a more unified world.

Cordula Taiwo works at Gallery Te Puna include acrylic paintings.