Artist - Jo Pedersen

As a wax painter, Jo manipulates hot wax to create works which are expressive and transcendent as many aspects of an idea are explored. It is often textural and mainly abstract – inspired by human nature, the environment and music, the energy and emotional feeling of a subject.

Working with wax adds a different dimension to working with acrylic or oil paints. Colours stay true and all of the works are made up, literally built up, of several, often hundreds of layers to create the desired finish. The texture has a very sensual feel, tactile and plastic and visually three dimensional. Even though it requires a great deal of technical control, Jo enjoys the sculptural aspect of working with this unusual medium.

Jo exhibited in London and the UK before returning to New Zealand and is enjoying the inspiration a new environment brings. Her works are exhibited locally in the Bay of Plenty and in Auckland.

Jo Pedersen works at Gallery Te Puna include wax and oil pastel on panel.