Artist - Kusam Fausett

A responsive exhibition from time spent in the ART ROOM & connections made from an ordinary school day where Kus has worked as a specialist art teacher for 15 years. Her teaching approach is woven into her own practice and is entrenched in the making, the process, is low tech, hands on, and exploratory.

Everyday objects are observed, deconstructed, abstracted and filtered through her lens. Each work starts its journey as scrawlings on maths grid paper and evolves over time while aligning with mathematical conventions. Referencing the Bauhaus movement and mid-century art and design, her work explores relationships between geometric abstraction and transformational geometry.

She enjoys the restrictive nature of a monochromatic colour palette where variations of one colour are achieved by altering the degree of light and dark. Layers of delicate painted tissue are cut and pasted into place making up a composition of geometry meets collage. 

An integral part of the creative process and problem solving is the aligning, editing and subtraction of all components until completion. The ever-present underlying question “Is a work ever really complete?”

Kusam Fausett works at Gallery Te Puna include painted tissue collage original artwork on cotton paper.