Artist - Lynette Fisher

Lynette Fisher’s dark emotional work describes childhood scenes with concepts investigating the hierarchies and societal behaviours constructed on the playground. A fine balance between drawing and painting, the dry brush and wax pencil works on canvas use colour sparingly, evoking fragments of memory and dreams. With an underlying sense of nostalgia, Lynette also cites contemporary themes of adoption, ownership, guardianship and appropriation. The narratives in the work investigate a questioning lens on modern society.

Lynette is a full-time creative practitioner working from her studio in Te Puna, Tauranga. Her art practice ranges from printmaking, drawing, assemblage and painting, all of which have featured in solo and group shows around NZ. She has won and been a finalist in various Artist Awards.

Lynette Fisher’s works at Gallery Te Puna include acrylic and wax pencil paintings on canvas.