Artist - Nic Clegg

Nic sculpts with steel as his preferred medium, though will often incorporate stone or wood in his pieces.
In recent years he diverted his attention away from figurative and industrial work to a more constructivist approach to abstract geometry.

Drawing from architectural principals, particularly ‘Brutalist’ interventions, Nic has a two stranded approach to his work, some being immaculately constructed with clean lines and a pristine finish, whist others¬† appear dystopian, using rough cut steel and rust as a medium. The conflicts we experience living in urban environments are reflected in his work. Sharp edges, cantilevers and angles disorientate, whilst smooth lines and curves comfort. This approach convinces the viewer to look further into the work and explore more.

Nic Clegg sculptural work at Gallery Te Puna include Corten Steel and Jarra outdoor sculptures, made using the ‘Shou Sugi Ban’ Japanese charring technique.