Artist - Nicole Jelicich

Having lived in Fiji, Hong Kong, Italy and Australia for 20 years, Nicole has returned to this
part of the world fully embracing the big skies and colours of the region. With a background
that includes studying at Elam, an exhibiting artist, a successful Art Consultancy business in
HK and a design concept store in Australia, Nicole’s consistent love affair has always been in
the creative field.
Describing herself as a colourist, often using symbolic elements, her work is also
recognized by the attention to texture and inclusion of the environment in all its expansive
beauty and moodiness. Days spent on her local rural property inspire her to capture an
everyday scene and twist it into a deeper version. No stranger to advanced painting
techniques, Nicole now blends these with an unapologetic love of raw nature.

Nicole Jelicich works at Gallery Te Puna include acrylic on canvas and paper paintings.