Artist - Ricks Terstappen

Hawke’s Bay based Ricks Terstappen uses wood and steel as his materials of choice. His sculptural works of are an on-going exploration of scale, form and colour. Whether abstract or figurative, each sculpture expresses Ricks’ love of metalwork and his in-depth knowledge of its properties and processes.

Ricks has an ability to create something beautiful from the most unforgiving raw materials. He sees potential in found objects and ‘scrap’ metal that others would discard. Small components are often combined to create larger three-dimensional forms. Sometimes illusory, the steel structures can appear almost weightless. 

Originally from the Netherlands, Ricks has called Hawke’s Bay home since 1978. He initially developed his craft working in wood, before moving predominantly into mixed media and metalwork over the last two decades. This prolific full-time artist has undertaken numerous artistic collaborations and been involved in public sculpture projects throughout New Zealand.

Ricks Terstappen works at Gallery Te Puna include steel sculptures, décor and wall hangings.