Current Exhibition:

HOPE By Doreen McNeill.

Opens Saturday 22 October 2022

I normally paint intuitively allowing my instincts to take over and I have done so with these paintings. It was not until I saw them grouped together that I realized that the inspiring theme that showed through was hope.

In many there is light appearing from behind dark areas. This represents the hope emerging from the heavy depressing feeling that all is not well with the world.

As humans we are surely capable of repairing the atmosphere that sustains us and also overcome pesky viruses and warmongers, so that we may live peacefully together. We have come so far that we should not waste all the efforts of our predecessors and I believe that these were my underlying thoughts while I created most of these works. Hoping that there will be better times for future generations to enjoy.

After saying all this, these are abstract works and they may say something completely different to you.

I am happy if you are in some way moved by them.

Doreen McNeill Tauranga October 2022