Ulemj Glamuzina exhibition

Current Exhibition: Ulemj Glamuzina

Saturday 29 May – Sunday 20 June 2021

Gallery Te Puna is excited to exhibit a collection of contemporary works by artist Ulemj Glamuzina.

About the Artist:

Ulemj grew up in Mongolia and attended a Russian school. She spent a great deal of her childhood reading and daydreaming of fantasy worlds. Later, she travelled to the UK and onto university in Japan. Living in different countries exposed Ulemj to an eclectic mix of culture and she learned to be flexible and accepting. Being fascinated with different languages and cultures, she immersed herself in new environments to form connections. This led Ulemj to post graduate study pursuing a career in education and interpreting.

Artist Statement:

As I began to further understand myself and my motivations, it became clear that creating art is an effective way of communication for me. To do this, I bring to the surface my memories and emotions, evoked by different people and experiences from my journey thus far. My work is closely connected to the themes of belonging, acceptance, and communication. Through my work, I express my feelings, and strive to connect and evoke a response in the imagination of the viewer. 

I use traditional materials such as, oils, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, ink, spray paints and a dash of collage. I experiment to see what surprising final effect can be achieved. A Japanese concept of wabi-sabi resonates with me as it’s about the transient nature of life and its imperfections.  My desire is to inspire people to look more carefully at the world around them, and discover beauty in imperfection