Current Exhibition

TAG TEAM Group Show

Friday 22 October – Sunday 21 November

TAG TEAM is a group of artists that work at Tauranga Art Gallery. They see, handle, administrate, teach and talk about art everyday and when they can, they make their own. Their practices are wide and varied so this group show is as much about random selection as it is about a community of combined effort.

TAG TEAM are Kalou Koefoed, Emma Bossley, Amaria Kee-Huaki, Fiona Wilcock, Isabelle Mathys, Duane Moyle, and Jamie Coxon.


Kalou Koefoed – Gallery staffer by day and writer/illustrator by night, Kalou is happiest when she gets to draw and make up stories. Originally from Denmark, she has lived in the Bay of Plenty with her kiwi family since 2006. Past projects include a novel for tweens ‘The Wave’, and a graphic novel and exhibition, ‘The Basaloid Project’. Kalou is currently working on her first novel for adults ‘Rolling As One’.

Emma Bossley – Emma has recently created the time and space to come back to making art after a long break. Her current practice is all a work in progress, portraits and studies of figures in interior spaces, a subject brought about by our recent lockdown. The isolation was both peaceful and lonely, claustrophobic and freeing, particularly for my teenage children on the brink of taking on the world but instead watching the season change out the windows while stuck inside. Emma works in Marketing at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Amaria Kee-Huaki – Based in Mount Maunganui, Amaria is a visual artist and lover of all things pop culture. Her practice includes exploring contemporary commercial art and experimenting with various techniques and mediums to enhance her illustrative style. Amaria often uses her work to bring attention to issues in today’s society while retaining the soft, easy to digest, child-like nature of illustrations.

Fiona Wilcock – When our raw New Zealand landscape is viewed through the lens of a second-generation New Zealander, new gods, spirits and monsters are imagined. Fiona’s work reflects how immigrants’ stories take root and grow anew in a new land and in the creative minds of a new generation. Born from stories told by her Zimbabwean mother intersecting with those of her Aotearoa-born father, Fiona’s anthropomorphic characters reach out and make deep connections with the natural world. Fiona works as an educator at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Isabelle Mathys – In her art practice, chains of associations, emotional experiences and dreams are a welcome source of inspiration and often the starting point for the visual storytelling in her surrealist paintings. Isabelle works as a school liaison and educator at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Duane Moyle – In recent works, shapes, lettering and iconic structures that speak of the religious sublime are painted onto domestic serve ware. This play of utility and magnificence attempts to connect the ordinary to the wondrous and extend previous investigations of sacred crafts, art history, and meditative practices. Duane is Exhibitions Manager at Tauranga Art Gallery.

Jamie Coxon – Jamie’s influences are drawn from classical alchemic illustrations. Often depicted in symbols within these works are the celestial realm interwoven with terrestrial space, and natural elements in various states of transformation. He is fascinated with these intersections of disciplines including mysticism, natural philosophy, religion, and technology. Within a modern context, some may view the alchemists pursuits with a degree of absurdity. Jamie appreciates  the lengths at which they explored the unknown, as well as the level of craft printmakers exhibited to document and represent these explorations. Jamie is the Technician at Tauranga Art Gallery.